Rider Info

Weather Hotline: 07928559207 (answerphone)

Thanks for your interest in Keirin 2012! We hope you enjoy the event supported by Tokyo Fixed.

General Info:

The format of the day will be a points based system, with a minumum number of rides guaranteed for each rider, there will be a full and final classification for all riders and also each rider will take part in a final, be that a major final (1st – 8th) or minor finals (9th-16th, 17th -24th etc).

If you are an inexperienced track rider you should enter the NOVICE category and you must have Herne Hill Accreditation or similar to take part.

Experienced male track racers currently without license must enter the Men’s event, not the Novice event and purchase a day license.

Female Novices, please attend the safety briefing and trial races at noon prompt, BUT enter the female category in which you will be racing.

Race distance will be four full laps of the 450m Herne Hill track with the Derny pulling off with approximately 500-550m to go.

Lots will be drawn prior to each race to determine start position, you may bring your own pusher.

Riders may pass each other and switch position from the start of the race but you may not overlap the rear wheel of the Derny at anytime, until pacer pulls off.

Mens event (all categories plus Vets and Juniors) £1000 prize money. Sponsor : Tokyo Fixed

Start time: 13.00

All riders are guaranteed four rides, 3 heats where points will be awarded, the best performing riders over these three heats race in the final, the next eight riders in the 9-16th final and so on.  In the event of two riders on the same points, highest position attained in the three rounds will decide. We will be timing the final lap of each race, if riders still cannot be split highest position attained in fastest race will be the decider.

Prize breakdown: 1st £500, 2nd £200, 3rd £100 4th 60, 5th £50, 6th £40, 7th £30, 8th £20

Women’s event ( all female senior catgories plus Novice females) £300 Prizes from Ananichoola

Start time: 13.00

As above, except all riders will get three rides, two heats and finals. Any Novice females must attend the briefing and test races at noon (see below).

Novice event ( accredited Novice Riders) £300 worth of prizes from Morvelo

Start Time: 12 Noon : All Novice riders to attend safety briefing at 12 prompt, plus training races.

As above, three rides, two heats, one final round.