About Keirin 2013

Keirin 2012!The UK’s only Keirin Festival
Sunday 25th August 2013, 13:00
FREE to Spectate
Herne Hill Velodrome
104 Burbage Road,
Herne Hill
London, UK


Keirn 2013 is the only bike race meeting in the UK devoted to the fast-paced, exciting discipline of Keirin racing. Keirin originates in Japan where it is the largest gambling sport, we won’t be having full trackside betting this year but we will have a chance based lottery with a big jackpot so you’ll feel more involved with the racing, knowing that you can win cash! All profits of this will go to Herne Hill Velodrome and Rollapaluza Outreach.

Keirin is a mass-start Sprint Discipline where for the first few laps the 6-8 competitors are paced up to speed by a small motorbike (derny) before unleashing their final sprints to the line, it is fast, tactical and can get quite rough! At Keirin 2013 Total laps will be four with the derny pulling away with around 550m metres remaining.

We already have a number of star and international riders lined up to compete, plus top sprinters and champions from around the UK.

There will also be  catering, bar and Stalls.

rider info pages.

For information on the venue, including how to get into track cycling, vist the Herne Hill Velodrome site.

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